The advantages of litigation in business – The best way to resolve a dispute

In the business world, it is inevitable that disputes will arise. This is part and parcel of every competitive industry, but these disputes can be costly to your company if they are not handled efficiently. Litigation may seem like an intimidating process, but it has many advantages compared to other dispute resolution options. Choosing litigation […]

The Trademark Helpline: An Essential Service for UK SMEs

SME brands might be at risk of trademark trolls, brand clashes, and unexpected court battles. We sat down with Jon Paton, Director at The Trademark Helpline to discuss how SMEs can protect their brand and their reputation by getting their trademark registered as soon as possible. Helping business owners across the UK, The Trademark Helpline […]

What can a compliance consultant do for your business?

Compliance consultants are arguably the most important type of consultant, especially when your business experiences any form of rapid growth. This is because a compliance consultant ensures that your business is sticking to all the relevant regulations and is operating completely legally. In the UK, we have numerous laws and regulations surrounding business operations, and […]

Do business and ethics go hand in hand

Do business and ethics go hand in hand

In today’s modern world, there is often a conflict between business and ethics, with many businesses struggling to find a balance between profits and ethics. But do business and ethics go hand in hand, or is it unrealistic to think that the two could ever be compatible In this article, we’ll examine the relationship between […]

Sole trader & unlimited liability – A professional answer

You may have heard that sole traders have unlimited liability, but what does that actually mean” And how does that affect how a sole trader operates” In this article, we’ll uncover exactly what unlimited liability is and how it applies to sole traders, helping you to make informed decisions about the structure of your own […]